FIZIKA A 9 (2000) 3 , 105-114

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L. K. JHAa and B. N. ROYb

aDepartment of Physics, L. N. T. College, Muzaffarpur 842002, Bihar, India

bProfessor's Colony, Aghoria Bazar, Muzaffarpur 842002, Bihar, India

Received 2 December 1999; Accepted 25 September 2000

Electron-impact double ionization of copper has been investigated in the modified double-binary-encounter model. For the first time, Hartree-Fock velocity distribution has been used while considering ejection of both electrons from the target in binary-encounter calculations. Contribution of Auger emission, which is considered to be dominant at high impact energies, is also included in the calculations. The present results have been compared with the recent experimental measurement of Bolorizadeh et al. and semi-empirical calculations of Belenger et al. The semi-empirical calculations are found to overestimate the cross-sections. The present results are in satisfactory agreement with the experimental observations.

PACS numbers: 34.50.Dp, 32.80.Dz
UDC 537.563.2
Keywords: double ionization of copper, electron-impact, double-binary-encounter model, Auger emission
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