FIZIKA A 18 (2009) 4 , 165-172

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M. S. OMARa and S. O. YOUSIFb
aDepartment of Physics, College of Science, University of Salahaddin, Arbil,Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq    
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bDepartment of Physics, College of Education, University of Dohuk, Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq

Received 2 April 2009;   Revised manuscript received 10 November 2009
Accepted 16 December 2009   Online 22 December 2009

The room-temperature dependence on composition of the energy gap is measured for the ternary alloy system In1-xGaxP semiconductors. The cross-over point from the direct to indirect optical transition energy gap is found at x=0.718. An empirical relation for the alloy system energy-gap dependence is found for both direct and indirect transition regions. From the empirical relations belonging to the direct region transition, the values of the expected indirect energy transition at Gc1 are calculated. The difference between these values and the corresponding indirect energy (Gc1-Xc1) are also calculated. The change of Eg due to the effects of magnetic field was also measured up to 1.6 T (Tesla). The magnetic coefficient is found to be between 3.3310-7 and 3.8710-7 eV/T for x=0.31 to x=1. A clear deviation of the magnetic coefficient occurred for the change from the direct-region to that of the indirect-region transition.

PACS numbers: 78.20.Ls, 78.30.Fs, 78.40.Fy, 78.55.Et
UDC 537.632

Keywords: III-V semiconductors; In1-xGaxP, optical properties, magneto-optical properties

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