FIZIKA A1 (1992) 2, 159-165


Faculty of Education, 54000 Osijek, POB 144, Croatia

Received 16 July 1992

Superconducting transition temperature, magnetic susceptibility and electrical resistivity of Zr-3d glassy alloy systems has been measured. The above properties are closely connected with the electronic structure of these alloys. Almost linear decrease of the magnetic susceptibility, temperature of the superconducting transition and the constant of the electron-photon interaction l with the concentration of 3d element show that the electronic density of states at the Fermi level is dominated with Zr d-states.These results are simply explained with the dilution effect due to increase of the concentration of 3d element. This claim has been verified with the results of the UPS experiments performed on Zr-3d alloys, and is also supported with the analysis of temperature dependence of the electrical conductivity. The calculation has shown that the electrical resistivity of glassy Zr-3d alloys can not be explained within the framework of the classical extended Ziman theory only.

UDC 437.312



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