FIZIKA A 4 (1995) 2, 95-101

size 210 kB


Charles University Prague, V Holesovickach 2, 180 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic

Received 7 April 1995

The possibility to optimize the Becker's design of the friction vacuum gauge "REVA'' has been investigated. The basic part of the gauge "REVA'' is a metal ribbon stretched across magnetic field as a string (" gauge). The vibration of the ribbon is excited by an alternating current. The amplitude of the vibration is determined from the induced voltage and stabilized by varying the supply current according to the damping produced by gas molecules. This principle is analogical to that of the usual Pirani gauge control. The magnetic induction in the area of the string is for the sensitivity of the string gauge as important as the temperature of the heated filament is important for the sensitivity of the Pirani gauge. The shape of the magnetic field has been optimized according to the computation, using a finite element method. In order to achieve sufficient mechanical accuracy necessary for the optimal properties, a bifilar arrangement was chosen.

UDC 538.951
PACS 07.30.Dz



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