FIZIKA A 4 (1995) 2, 103-112

size 210 kB


Department of Vacuum Physics, Charles University, V Holešoviekách 2 Prague 8, Czech Republic

Received 7 April 1995

In addition to spontaneous outgassing of materials and desorption stimulated by particles or photon bombardment, the gas release from mechanically affected materials was recently discovered as another source of gas in vacuum systems. Particularly, outgassing due to operations of manipulators and transmissions becomes a limitation in attaining low pressure in UHV systems used for production of semiconductor devices (e.g. MBE systems). Experiments are reported that were carried out to study gas release from metals when samples of metals were mechanically affected by rubbing the sample surface by another body or by deformation of the sample. Results of the experiments lead to the conclusion that gases dissolved in the metals and diffusing out when the sample is mechanically affected, represent the main source of the released gases. Adsorbed gases are released by mechanical treatment, too, but in much smaller amount. Mass spectroscopic analysis showed that tribochemical reactions among released gases, residual gases and material of the sample took place on the rubbed surface providing new gases into vacuum.

UDC 533.59
PACS 07.30.Bx, 68.90.+q



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