FIZIKA A 4 (1995) 2, 271-277

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VLADIMIR ZHUKOV On leave from the Technical University St. Petersburg, Russia., ANDREAS FERSTL and KLAUS D. RENDULIC
Institut für Festökrperphysik, Technische Universität Graz, A-8010 Graz, Petersgasse 16, Austria

Received 7 April 1995

Clean nickel surfaces seem to be inert to N2 adsorption. Active centers though, produced by nitrogen ion bombardment of the Ni(111) plane, allow non activated, dissociative adsorption of nitrogen. This mechanism leads to zero order desorption kinetics at a temperature of 820 K. Saturation of the corresponding adsorption state is reached at 0.35 ML. The nitrogen ion bombardment leads to large amounts ( @ 3 ML) of sub-surface nitrogen, which desorb around 650 K. An attractive interaction between adsorbed nitrogen and hydrogen leads to simultaneous desorption of the two species at 430 K.

UDC 538.971
PACS 68.45.Da
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