FIZIKA B 14 (2005)  1, 41 - 74

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aDepartment of Physics, University of Oslo, P.O.Box 1048 Blindern, N-0316 Oslo, Norway
bRF-Rogaland Research, P.O.Box 8046, N-4068 Stavanger, Norway
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Dedicated to the memory of Professor Dubravko TadiŠ

Received 29 November 2004;    Accepted 12 September 2005
Online 18 November 2005

We give an overview of chiral quark models, both for the pure light sector and the heavy-light sector. We describe how such models can be bosonized to obtain well known chiral Lagrangians which can be inferred from the symmetries of QCD alone. In addition, the coefficients of the various pieces of the chiral Lagrangians can be calculated within these models. We discuss a few applications of the models, in particular, B -[`B] mixing and processes of the type B « D [`D], where D might be both pseudoscalar and vector. We suggest how the formalism might be extended to include light vectors (r,w,K*), and heavy to light transitions like B « p.

PACS numbers: 12.39.-x, 12.39.Fe
UDC 539.126

Keywords: chiral quark models, chiral Lagrangians, B -[`B] mixing, B « D [`D] decays, heavy to light meson transitions

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