FIZIKA B 17 (2008) 1, 85 - 90

 size 289 kB



 Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, Illinois 60510, USA
(on behalf of the CDF and DØ Collaborations)

Received 23 October 2007;     Accepted 20 February 2008
Online 18 June 2008

For a long time, the Bs0-[`(Bs0)] system has eluded a complete investigation of its observables. Only recently, the Tevatron experiments have accumulated sizable Bs0 samples which allow a direct and precise study of the system properties. This contribution reviews the most up-to-date measurements by the CDF and DØ Collaborations of the Bs0-[`(Bs0)] system parameters: the mass and decay-width differences, Dms and DGs between the heavy and light Bs0 mass eigenstates, the average decay width Gs and the CP -violating phase in the mixing fs.

 PACS numbers: 14.40.Nd, 13.25.Hw, 12.15.Ff, 12.15.Hh
UDC 539.126

Keywords: Tevatron, CDF, DØ, matter-antimatter oscillations, Bs0 mixing, decay width difference

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