FIZIKA B 20 (2011) 1, 35-54

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TOMISLAV ŠEVA for the E01-011 Collaboration
Department of Physics, University of Zagreb, Bijenička 32,10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Received 20 December 2010;   Revised manuscript received 28 October 2011
Accepted 7 December 2011  Online 30 December 2011

The E01-011 (HKS) experiment is the second-generation hypernuclear spectroscopy experiment by the (e,e'K+) reaction at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab). This is the continuation of the hypernuclear physics program at JLab Hall C established by the E89-009 (HNSS) experiment which demonstrated feasibility of electroproduction of hypernuclei with sub-MeV resolution. The immediate goal of the HKS experiment is to study hypernuclei in the medium-heavy region. To achieve this goal, the new high-resolution kaon spectrometer (HKS) was constructed and built, and new method in tagging the scattered electrons, the so called Tilt method, was implemented. Preliminary high-resolution spectra of 7Λ He, 12Λ B and 28Λ Al hypernuclei are presented and discussed.

PACS number: 21.80+a
UDC 539.172

Keywords: strangeness, hypernuclei, electroproduction, spectroscopy, high precision, high resolution, charge symmetry breaking

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