FIZIKA B 2 (1993) 2, 121-133

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Department of Theoretical Physics, Ruđer Boąković Institute, P.O. Box 1016,
41001 Zagreb, Croatia

Received 19 May 1993
Revised manuscript received 15 July 1993

Decay rates of the B-meson are studied through charmless and strangless transitions into p, r , w and g systems. The important features of these modes are their clean signatures. The CLEO II collaboration has recently reported the value

BR(B0 ® p+ p-) = (1.3 +0.8-0.6 ±0.2) ×10-5. This value is tests our approach to nonleptonic B-decays within the standard model (SM). Since B ® gg is far beyond our experimental reach, we believe that the correct determination of the order of magnitude ~ 10-10 for BR(B ® gg) provides the most reliable value needed at this moment. The most recent experimental report by the CLEO collaboration on BR(B ® K* g) = (4.5 ±1.5 ±0.9) ×10-5 represents a confirmation of our SM prediction for the B ® K* g decay. This experimental result, despite of its great importance for the SM and the physics beyond the SM, enables us to predict the value

BR(B ® rg) @ (3.5 ±3.3)×10-6.

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