FIZIKA B 8 (1999) 2, 387-394

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Department of Physics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, U.S.A.
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Received 21 January 1999; Accepted 12 July 1999

An analysis of new kaon electroproduction measurements at Jefferson Lab is presented for both proton and deuteron targets. Calculations based upon quantum hadrodynamics are compared to the experimental longitudinal and transverse separated cross sections for elementary KL production. Also confronted by data are model predictions for d(e,e'K+)YN inclusive measurements with YN = Ln, S0n and S-p. In general, both proton and deuteron target experiments are reasonably well described. Finally, glueball production, possible with the anticipated Jefferson Lab beam energy upgrade, is discussed in conjunction with results from a QCD Hamiltonian calculation for the low-lying gluonia spectrum.

PACS numbers: 12.39.Mk, 13.60.Le, 13.60.-r, 13.75.Ev
UDC 539.126

Keywords: kaon electroproduction, proton and deuteron targets, longitudinal and transverse cross sections, glueball production, low-lying gluonia spectrum

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