FIZIKA A 14 (2005)  4, 265 - 276

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S. N. PAULa,b, G. PAKIRAc and B. PAULb

aInter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Post Bag-4, Ganeshkhind, Pune-411007, India
bCentre for Science Education and Research, B/4, Shyamali Housing Estate,
Salt Lake City, Calcutta-700064, India
cDepartment of Physics, Sripat Sing College, P.O.-Jiaganj, Dist.-Murshidabad,
West Bengal, India

Received 6 October 2003;   revised manuscript received 14 July 2005
Accepted 12 September 2005      Online 13 February 2006

The transverse electromagnetic waves and the longitudinal electron-acoustic waves are coupled to each other by the gradients of density or temperature in a plasma. There are also other coupling factors, such as the static magnetic field or nonlinearities existing in the medium. Due to coupling of waves, excitation of one leads to the generation of the other. This results in mutual transfer of power. In the present paper, the expression for the energy flux of acoustic wave due to conversion of electromagnetic wave passing through an inhomogeneous plasma has been obtained using the W. K. B. method. It is suggested that expansion of ionized shell of hot stars and mass loss would be possibly due to the energy conversion process.

PACS numbers: 52.35.-g, 52.40.Db
UDC 537.531

Keywords: electromagnetic wave, electron acoustic wave, inhomogeneous plasma

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