FIZIKA B, Vol.18

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FIZIKA B Volume 18 - 2009.Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA B, Volume 18 (2009)

No 1.

G. Mohanty, G. C. Samanta and K. L. Mahanta: Five-dimensional string cosmological model in second self creation theory
R. K. Tiwari: Bianchi type-V cosmological models with constant deceleration parameter in scalar-tensor theory
R. Bali and P. Kumawat: Bianchi type I bulk viscous fluid tilted cosmological model filled with disordered radiation and heat conduction
A. Pradhan, H. Amirhashchi and M. K. Yadav: LRS Bianchi type II string cosmological models for perfect fluid distribution in general relativity
R. K. Tiwari, S. S. Tiwari and P. Pandey: A model to explain varying G and L with constant deceleration parameter

No 2.

K. S. Adhav, A. S. Nimkar, M. R. Ugale and V. B. Raut: Bianchi type-I cosmological model in Lyra's manifold
A. Pradhan: Plane symmetric viscous fluid universe with decaying vacuum energy density L
R. E. El-Nabulsi: Lyra cosmology in D=n+4 dimensions: the interesting cases of n ³ 6 and n £ 104 (Letter to the Editor)
Mohd. Zeyauddin and Shri Ram: Bianchi type V imperfect fluid cosmological models with heat flow

No 3.

L. D. Lantsman: Dirac fundamental quantization of gauge theories is the natural way of reference frames in modern physics (Review article)
A. Tawfik: Particle ratios in heavy-ion collisions
B. S. Koranga, S. Mahapatra and S. Uma Sankar: Determining the sign of D31 by future long-baseline and reactor experiments
A. K. Yadav and A. Bagora: Thermodynamics of plane-symmetric inhomogeneous universe in general relativity
R. K. Tiwari and U. K. Dwivedi: Bianchi type-III string cosmological models with bulk viscosity and time-dependent L term (Letter to the Editor)

No 4.

A. Jahan: Path integral formulation of sigma model with noncommutative field space
Xiang-Yao Wu, Bai-Jun Zhang, Xiao-Jing Liu, Chun-Li Zhang, Bing Liu, Yi-Qing Guo, Yi-Heng Wu, Yan Wang and Qing-Cai Wang: Quantum theory of neutron multiple-slit diffraction
Shri Ram, M. K. Verma and Mohd. Zeyauddin: Anisotropic viscous fluid cosmological models with heat flow in Saez-Ballester theory of gravitation
B. S. Koranga, M. Narayan and S. Uma Sankar: Possible CPT violation from Planck scale effects
Raj Bali and Naresh K. Chandnani: Bianchi type-I magnetized stiff fluid models in Lyra geometry
A. Pradhan and P. Mathur: Inhomogeneous perfect fluid universe with electromagnetic field in Lyra geometry

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