FIZIKA B, Vol. 8

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Fizika B Volume 8 - 1999.Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA B, Volume 8 (1999)

No 1.

Selected papers presented at the International Conference
"Nuclear and Particle Physics with CEBAF at JLab",
held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 3 - 10 November 1998,
Part 1

Lee Cole Smith: First results from CLAS

W. J. Briscoe, C. Cetina and S. A. Philips: Real photon physics experiments at JLab using the Hall B photon tagger

E. V. Hungerford and M. Furić: Strange nuclear physics - a brief status report

E. Frlež (RadPhi Collaboration): Study of rare radiative f decays at Jefferson Lab

R. Madey and T. Eden: The electric form-factor of the neutron by recoil polarimetry

E. Piasetzky: Looking at close nucleons in nuclei with high-energy probes

M. Potokar (A1 collaboration at MAMI): The axial form factor of the nucleon from electro-pion production at low q2

K. McCormick: Measurement of the deuteron elastic structure functions A(q2) and B(q2) at large momentum transfers

M. K. Jones: Measurement of the ratio of the proton's electric to magnetic form factors by recoil polarization

M. K. Jones: Measurement of recoil polarization in the 16O(e,e¢p) reaction

Ph. L. Cole: The search for missing baryons with a beam of linearly-polarized photons

J. J. Kelly: Recoil polarization in electroproduction of mesons

G.A. Sokol, T.A. Aibergenov, A.V. Kravtsov, A.I. L'vov, L.N. Pavlyuchenko: Search for h-mesic nuclei in photoproduction processes

A. V. Glamazdin, V. G. Gorbenko, L. G. Levchuk, R. I. Pomatsalyuk, A. L. Rubashkin and P. V. Sorokin: Electron beam Møller polarimeter at JLab Hall A

N. M. Shumeiko and J. G. Suarez: QED corrections for polarized Møller scattering

Yu. P. Peresun'ko, V. F. Boldyshev and E. A. Vinokurov: Measuring linear polarization of real photons

M. A. Braun and V. M. Suslov: Elastic pion scattering on polarized 3He in the energy range of the D resonance

M. Planinić, D. Androić, G. Backenstoss, D. Bosnar, T. Dooling, M. Furić, P. A. M. Gram, N. K. Gregory, A. Hoffart, C. H. Q. Ingram, A. Klein, K. Koch, J. Köhler, B. Kotlinski, M. Kroedel, G. Kyle, A. Lehmann, A. O. Mateos, K. Michaelian, T. Petković, R. P. Redwine, D. Rowntree, N. Šimičević, R. Trezeciak, H. Ullrich, H. J. Weyer, M. Wildi and K. E. Wilson (LADS collaboration): Pion absorption in 4He

J. J. Templon: Studying short-range dynamics in few-body systems

K. Maruyama: Few-body physics with real photons at TAGX

W. Leidemann, V. D. Efros, G. Orlandini and E. L. Tomusiak: Electromagnetic few-body response functions with the Lorentz integral transform

K. Maruyama: Near-future electron/photon facilities in Japan

A. C. Fonseca: Use of realistic interactions to calculate nt - nt,dd - pt and dd - dd scattering observables

B. Vlahović and A. Soldi: Fine tune of n-n force, low energy p - d and n - d elastic scattering observables and the Coulomb slow-down effect

N. Barnea, W. Leidemann and G. Orlandini: Hyperspherical ground state wave functions for nuclei with A > 4

S. L. Yakovlev: Cluster reduction and solution of low-energy scattering problem for N > 3 nucleon systems

W. Lucha and F. F. Schöberl: Bound states by the spinless Salpeter equation

No 2.

Selected papers presented at the International Conference
"Nuclear and Particle Physics with CEBAF at JLab",
held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 3 - 10 November 1998,
Part 2

P. Y. Bertin, Y. Roblin and C. E. Hyde-Wright: The experimental challenge of virtual Compton scattering above 8 GeV

G. S. Bali: Overview from lattice QCD

S. Collins: Latest results from lattice NRQCD

M. Baldicchi and G. M. Prosperi: Bethe-Salpeter and Dyson-Schwinger equations in a Wilson loop context in QCD, effective mass operator, q `q spectrum

N. Brambilla and A. Vairo: Quarkonium in the Wilson loop formalism: new perspectives

P. Bicudo and J. E. Ribeiro: Non-perturbative heavy-light interactions in QCD

R. Alkofer, S. Ahlig and L. von Smekal: The infrared behaviour of gluon, ghost and quark propagators in Landau gauge QCD

C. Roberts: Dyson Schwinger equations: connecting small and large length-scales

P. C. Tandy: Electromagnetic form factors of meson transitions

D. Klabučar and D. Kekez: Schwinger-Dyson approach and generalized impulse approximation for the p0g*g transition:

Ch.-R. Ji: Meson electroweak form factors in the light-cone approach

B. Melić, B. Nižić and K. Passek: On the complete next-to-leading order pQCD prediction for the pion form factor

M. V. Polyakov: Hard exclusive electroproduction of two pions and their resonances

P. Jain, B. Kundu, J. Ralston and J. Samuelsson: New results on perturbative colour transparency in quasi-exclusive electroproduction

D. Horvatić, D. Tadić and S. Žganec: Relativistic quark model

Ph. R. Page: (Hybrid) baryons: symmetries and masses

C. F. Berger, B. Lechner and W. Schweiger: Diquarks as effective particles in hard exclusive scattering

G. Kulzinger: Vector mesons r, and r" diffractively photo- and leptoproduced

M. Rosina, M. Fiolhais, B. Golli, S. Sirca: The role of the pion cloud in the nucleon form factors

S. R. Cotanch: Hyperon and glueball electromagnetic production

J. O. Eeg, K. Kumerički and I. Picek: Long vs. short distance dispersive two-photon Kl®m+ m- amplitude

H. Nikolić: Restoration of chiral symmetry in the linear sigma model

N. Mankoč-Borštnik: Unification of spins and charges unifies all interactions

A. Müller: String energy in the monopole Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model

No 3.


D. Ghosh, S. K. Das, A. K. Ghosh, A. Deb, S. I. Ahmed and P. Ghosh: Multiplicity characteristics of muon-nucleus interaction at 400 GeV


S. K. Biswas and V. P. Gautam: Flavour-changing radiative top quark decay

M. Ribarič and L. Šušteršič: Framework for a theory that underlies the standard model

A. Ilakovac, M. Kolanović, S. Pallua and P. Prester: On Bethe strings in the two-particle sector of the closed SU(2)q invariant spin chain

No 4.


Md. A. Khan, S. K. Dutta and T. K. Das: Computation of Raynal-Revai coefficients for the hyperspherical approach to a three-body system

A. Raspini: Dirac equation with two mass parameters and two-flavour neutrino oscillations


N. Dalarsson: Constant cut-off approach to the skyrmion fluid

D. Klabučar, K. Kumerički, B. Melić and I. Picek: Nucleon strangeness as the response to a strangeness-sensitive probe in a class of hadron models


R. K. Saha, R. Majumdar, P. Pal and D. P. Bhattacharyya: The influence of reacceleration on the antiproton abundance in the interstellar medium and its attenuation in the atmosphere

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