FIZIKA B, Vol. 4

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FIZIKA B Volume 4 - 1995.Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA B, Volume 4 (1995)

No 1.

Michael A. Knyazev:
New solutions in f4-theory with damping
Antun Rubčić and Jasna Rubčić:
Stability of gravitationally-bound many-body systems
Aleksandar Maksimović, Stjepan Lugomer and Božidar Vojnović:
Fast procedure for estimating capacity dimension of the fractal objects by the box counting
Helmut Lindner, Till Von Egidy, Jörg Klora, Ulrich Mayerhofer:
The 103Rh(d,p)104Rh reaction
Deba P. Bhattacharyya, Ruma Rakshit and Pratibha Pal:
CR-39(DOP) as a relativistic 238U-ion detector
Aparajita Bhattacharya, Aparajity T. L. Remadevi and Satya Narayan Banerjee:
On the studies of the structure function of nucleon
Dubravko Horvat, Boris Podobnik and Dubravko Tadić:
A non-hedgehog solution for the chiral bag

No 2.

Ivan Andrić, Velimir Bardek and Larisa Jonke: 
Collective-field excitations in the Calogero model
Dubravko Risović and Mladen Martinis: 
A comparative analysis of sea-particle-size distribution models
Constantin Cioaca:
Hindrance factors for the 14C-cluster decay of 223Ra within the enlarged superfluid model
Selim Pašić and Ksenofont Ilakovac: 
Compton backscattering of Hf K X-rays in germanium
Basudhara Basu, Rena Majumdar, Pratibha Pal, Deba Prasad Bhattacharyya and Masami Fujii: 
Estimation of charge of heavy cosmic-ray particles using the d-ray counting method in fuji ET-7B nuclear emulsion
Abhijit Sidhanta: 
The SU(2) asymmetry in the light quark sea
Nils Dalarsson: 
t-lepton tunneling through static one-dimensional Higgs potential
Carl Wolf: 
Probing for compositeness, discrete time effects and Markov enviromental influences using spin polarization precession

No 3.

Krunoslav Ljolje:
Scalar constant of motion of the electromagnetic field and its consequences
Stjepan Marčelja:
Microemulsions, L3 phases and information loss in signal representation
Sinichi Esumi, Christian W. Fabjan, Achim Franz, Barbera Holzer, Masashi Kaneta, Guy Paic, Francois Piuz, Jean-claude Santiard, Janus Schmidt-Sorensen, Marko Spegel, Torn Sugitate and Thomas D. Williams:
A novel system for particle identification in the 3.0-8 GeV/c range
Nikola Godinović, Ivica Puljak and Ivica Sorić:
Performance of the "SHASLIK" electromagnetic calorimeter
Mladen Bogovac, Stjepko Fazinić, Milko Jakšić, Marcello Lattuada, Đuro Miljanić, Neven Soić, Claudio Spitaleri and Mile Zadro:
11B(p,aa) 4He reaction in collinearity configurations
Anđelka Andraši:
The triangle Wilson loop in 1+1 dimensions
Kresimir Kumerički and Ivica Picek:
Chiral anomaly route to the KL®p+ p- g decay
Dubravko Tadić, Dennis E. Krause, Ephraim Fischbach and Daniel Sudarsky:
Time dependent perturbation theory and the Zel'dovich electric dipole moment in atoms
Deana Bomeštar, Daniel Denegri, Ritva Kinnunen and Alexandre Nikitenko:
Study of H® ZZ ® 4l±  with a full geant simulation of CMS detector
Mario Stipčević and Ante Ljubičić:
A new analysis of the nt®t-®e- channel in nomad
Ivo Derado:
False vacuum and its detection at the CERN large hadron collider (LHC)
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