FIZIKA B, Vol.10

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Fizika B Volume 10 - 2001.Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA B, Volume 10 (2001)

No 1.


C. Barbero, D. Horvat, F. Krmpotić, Z.Narančić and D. Tadić: Hypernuclear potentials and the pseudoscalar meson exchange contribution

No 2.


A. M. Eshinskii: Possibility ofdynamical mass generation in finite quantum electrodynamics
M. Ribarić and L. Šušteršić: Realistic regularization of the QED Green functions


Md. A. Khan and T. K. Das: Investigation of LL dynamics and effective LN interaction in low and medium mass hypernuclei


P. Guptaroy, S. Bhattacharyya, B. Deand D. P. Bhattacharyya: Particle yields, antiproton scaling and the average transverse momenta in high energy lead-lead collisions: a model-based study

No 3.


E. Grgin: Inherently relativistic quantum theory, Part I. The algebra of observables
E. Grgin: Inherently relativistic quantum theory, Part II. Classification of solutions
E. M. Henley: What do we know about time reversal invariance violation

No 4.


S. Pallua and P. Prester: UV and IR analyses of the mass spectrum in the sine-Gordon model
Emile Grgin: Inherently relativistic quantum theory. Part III. Quantionic algebra
Emile Grgin: Inherently relativistic quantum theory. Part IV. Quantionic Theorems


Đ. Miljanić, N. Soić, S. Blagus, S.Cherubini, E. Costanzo, M. Lattuada, M. Milin, A. Musumarra, R. G. Pizzona, D. Rendić, S. Romano, C. Spitaleri, A. Tumino and M. Zadro: 10Be and molecular states
Ž. Krečak, M. Krčmar, S. Kaučić and A. Ljubičić: Experimental arrangement for investigation of b+-decay end-point energies
M. Vrtar: Total body irradiation dosimetry of a low dose-rate 60Co gamma field
T. Antičić, S. Horvat, K. Kadija and T. Susa: Strange hyperon production in p + p and p + Pb interactions from NA49
D. Androić, G. Backenstoss, D. Bosnar, T. Dooling, P. A. M. Gram, N. K. Gregory, A. Hoffart, C. H. Q. Ingram, A. Klein, K. Koch, J. Koehler, B. Kotlinski, M. Krödel, G. Kule, A. Lehmann, A. O. Mateos, K. Michaelian, T. Petković, M. Planinić, R. P. Redwine, D. Rowntree, N. Šimičević, R. Trezeciak, H. Ullrich, H. J. Weyer, M. Wildi and K. E. Wilson: Multinucleon emission following the pion absorption in N, Ar and Xe


J. O. Eeg, K. Kumerički and I. Picek: The double radiative annihilation of the heavy-light fermion bound states
C. Barbero, D. Horvat, F. Krmpotić, Z. Narančić and D. Tadić: Weak meson vertices and the hypernuclear potential


S. Ilijić, H. Hensberge and K. Pavlovski: Separation techniques for disentangling of composite spectra

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