FIZIKA B, Vol. 7

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Fizika B Volume 7 - 1998.Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA B, Volume 7 (1998)

No 1.

A. Rubčić and J. Rubčić: The quantization of the solar-like gravitational systems.
M. Balodis, P. Prokofjevs, N. Kramere, L. Simonova, J. Berzins, T. Krasta, R. Georgii, T. von Egidy, J. Klora, H. Lindner, U. Mayerhofer, A. Walter, J. A. Cizewski, G. G. Colvin, H. G. Boerner, P. Geltenbort, F. Hoyler, S. A. Kerr, K. Schreckenbach, A. Raemy, J. C. Dousse, J. Kern, W. Schwitz, I. A. Kondurov, Yu. E. Loginov, P. A. Sushkov, S. Brant, V. Paar, and V. Lopac:  Study of 194Ir via thermal neutron capture and (d,p) reactions
V. A. Khitrov, A. M. Sukhovoj, J. Honzatko, I. Tomandl and G. Georgiev: Cascade gamma-decay process of the 177Lu compound nucleus and its peculiarities
C. Wolf: Fluctuations in spin-precession phenomena driven by discrete time jumps on a random graph

No 2.

M. Martinis and D. Risović: Fractal analysis of suspended particles in seawater
B. Chakrabarti: Comparison of the SWKB and WKB approximations for the finite square well
A. Raspini: Could neutrino flavours be superpositions of massive, massless and tachyonic states?
J. Honzatko, I. Tomandl, V. Bondarenko J. Ott, T. von Egidy, W. Schauer, Ch. Doll, H.-F. Wirth, A. Gollwitzer, G. Graw, R. Hertenberger and B. Valnion: Spectroscopy of 125Te with (n,g), (d,p) and (3He,a) reactions
S. K. Biswas and V. P. Gautam: Constraint on the trilinear gauge coupling by the b ® sg decay considering the possibility of the fourth generation of quarks

No 3.

I. Andrić, V. Bardek and L. Jonke: Collective-field fluctuations around the wall solution of the C hern-Simons theory
D. Horvat, B. Podobnik and D. Tadić:  Nucleon static properties in a Tamm-Dancoff inspired approximation
P. Mukhopadhyay: SO(10) model of GUT, pseudo-dimension rule and the decay KL0® m `e
S. K. Biswas and V. P. Gautam A study of the fourth-generation quarks and FCNC
R. T. Cahill and S. M. Gunner: The global colour model of QCD for hadronic processes

No 4.

N. Demoli: Mapping of correlation filter values optimized to phase constrained spatial light modulators
A. M. EishinskiiI: Possibility of dynamical mass generation in finite quantum electrodynamics
A. Raspini: Mass and flavour spinors from the Dirac equation with two mass parameters
C. Wolf:  Modification of the Debye theory of specific heat due to non-extensive statistics
V. A. Khitrov, A. M. Sukhovoj, J. Honzatko , I. Tomandl and G. Georgiev: Main peculiarities of the cascade  g-decay process of the 176Lu compound nucleus
H. Ray, H. Routh and V. P. Gautam: B-meson-quark coupling constant and decay width of B*-meson

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