FIZIKA B, Vol.16

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FIZIKA B Volume 16 - 2007.Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA B, Volume 16 (2007)

No 1.

R. S. Sharafiddinov: Family structure of leptons and their currents of an axial-vector nature
D. E. Miller and A.-N. Tawfik: Entropy for colored quark states at finite temperature
K. K. Mondal: Linear waves in a self-gravitating dusty plasma with dust charge fluctuation
G. E. Markaryan: Some indications of liquid-gas phase transition in electron-induced fragmentation of 197Au nuclei
M. Abu-Shady, M. Rashdan and T. S. T. Aly: Np scattering and electromagnetic corrections in the extended linear sigma model

No 2.

D. Ghosh, A. Deb and S. Dutta: Fluctuation of pions in relativistic and ultrarelativistic nuclear collisions-scale dependent or not?
R. A. El-Nabulsi: Cosmology from extended general relativity
D. Horvatić, D. Klabučar and D. Mekterović: Unexpectedly small empirical vector strangeness of nucleons predicted in a baryon model
A. Pradhan, V. Rai and R. S. Singh: Bulk viscous cosmological models in general relativity

No 3.

M. Bhattacharya and G. Gangopadhyay: Continuum states in neutron-rich calcium and nickel nuclei
R. A. El-Nabulsi: Geometrical Higgs mass and boson stars from complex scalar field Brans-Dicke gravity
A. Pradhan, K. Srivastava and A. L. Ahuja: Nonsingular cosmological models with a variable cosmological term L
Sh. Ahmad, A. R. Khan, A. Kamal, A. Ahmad, M. Zafar and M. Irfan: Signature of void probability scaling in 28Si-nucleus collisions
R. A. El-Nabulsi: Accelerated expansion of a closed universe

No 4.

A. Pradhan, A. K. Yadav and J. P. Singh: A new class of plane-symmetric inhomogeneous cosmological models of perfect fluid distribution with electromagnetic field
R. A. El-Nabulsi: Low-energy effective string cosmology: transition from inflation to deflation to accelerated expansion
A. Pradhan: Magnetized string cosmological model in cylindrically-symmetric inhomogeneous universe with variable cosmological term L
F. Rahaman and R. Mondal: Non-static global monopole in Lyra geometry

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