FIZIKA B, Vol. 3

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FIZIKA B Volume 3 - 1994.Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA B, Volume 3 (1994)

No 1.

Radhashyam Banerjee:
Solitary waves and periodic waves through an iterative approach
Carl Wolf:
Spin polarization precession as a probe to the fundamental origin of quantum phenomena
S. Danko Bosanac:
Semiclassical theory of spontaneous emission of radiation
Gianluca Lazzari:
(2+Ä3-) two-phonon states and fast E1 transitions in 144Sm
Smail Bougouffa, Xuan Chuan Cao and Paul Faucher:
Inelastic cross sections in two-state approximation of sub- and above-barrier fusion of heavy ions
Miroslav Dorešić, Stjepan Meljanac and Marijan Mileković:
Generalized Jordan-Wigner transformation and number operators

No 2.

Anjana Sinha and Rajkumar Roychoudhury:
Shifted 1/N expansion and enclosed quantum systems
Paresh Kumar Biswas:
Quantized redshift and the quasars
Marijan Ribarić and Luka Šušteršić:
Special relativity and causal faster-than-light effects
Dubravko Risović and Mladen Martinis:
The role of coagulation and sedimentation mechanisms in the two-component model of sea-particle size distribution
Radu A. Gherghescu, Walter Greiner and Dorin N. Poenaru:
Unexpected property of proximity potentials
Jan O. Eeg and Ivica Picek:
Quark off-shellness in K,B ® gg decays

No 3.

Nils Dalarsson:
Phase-integral approach to Rosen-Morse potentials
Radhashyam Banerjee:
Bethe-ansatz, Yang-Baxter equation and factorization of  S-matrix
Constantin Cioaca:
The prediction of the hindrance factors for the 20O-cluster transition of  255Fm within the enlarged superfluid model
Heiner H. Schmidt, Peter Hungerford, Till Von Egidy, Jörg H. Scheerer and Stephen A. Kerr:
The 164Dy (d,p) 165Dy reaction
Dubravko Klabučar, Raul Horvat, Dalibor Kekez and Davor Palle:
Momentum-independent renormalization of the Schwinger-Dyson equation with an instantaneous-interaction kernel
Mladen Martinis, Vesna Mikuta-Martinis, Alfred Švarc and Josip Črnugelj:
Isospin correlations in high-energy heavy-ion collisions
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