FIZIKA B, Vol. 2

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FIZIKA B Volume 2 - 1993. Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA B, Volume 2 (1993)

No 1.

Valerij S. Gurin:
Evolution of Friedmann-like supersymmetric subspaces in eight-dimensional theory.
Swati Panchanan, Rajkumar Roychoudhury and Y. P. Varshni:
Partial algebraization and cut-off coulomb potential.
Carl Wolf:
Gauged Q mater in the atmosphere of an Ernst black hole.
Zdenko Franić and Ivica Prlić:
Tritium in the adriatic sea.
Miroslav Dorešić, Stjepan Meljanac and Marijan Mileković:
Clebsch - Gordan Coefficients For The Quantum Algebra Su(2).
Dubravko Horvat, Boris Podobnik and Dubravko Tadić:
Vector mesonic phase and the chiral bag model.

No 2.

T. K. Das and R. Chattopadhyay:
Perturbative solution of integro-differential equation for a system of identical bosons
N. Godinović, J. Tudorić-Ghemo, I. Jerčić, M. Josipović, Lj. Kulušić and J. Škare:
Mechanical and electrical innovations in the design of the horizontally mounted sub-MeV Van de Graaff accelerator
K. Majumdar, S. Mukherjee and R. Roychoudhury:
O(d,d) invariant solutions of space-time dependent string vacua
S. Meljanac and M. Mileković:
On two - parameter deformations of SU(1,1) algebra and associated spin chains
J. Črnugelj, M. Martinis and V. Mikuta-Martinis:
Pion fields as Gaussian random variables and the Koba-Nielsen-Olesen scaling
J. Trampetić:
Charmless and strangless nonleptonic B decays

No 3.

Alexander P. Trofimenko and Oleg L. Artemenko:
Gravitationally-bounded otonic systems in the physics of the Earth.
Carl Wolf:
Electromagnetic-axion dispersive effects in two alternative theories of electromagnetism.
Radhashyam S. Banerjee:
Exact solutions of supersymmetric nonlinear Schrödinger equations and coupled K-dV equations.
Hrvoje Skenderović and S. Danko Bosanac:
Uncertainty principle in classical mechanics: application to collinear collisions.
S. Danko Bosanac and Nađa Došlić:
Analysis of energy transfer in particle field interaction.
Josip Črnugelj, Mladen Martinis and Vesna Mikuta-Martinis:
Multiplicity distributions and correlations in the presence of Q-deformed coherent states
Ali M. Awin:
On the isobaric multiplet width equation.
Sharmistha Maitra and Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay:
Production behaviour of the 5-plet higgs bosons of the higgs triplet model in Z0-decay.
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