FIZIKA B, Vol.13

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Fizika B Volume 13 - 2004.Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA B, Volume 13 (2004)

No 1.

Selected papers presented at the 2nd International Conference
"Nuclear and Particle Physics with CEBAF at Jefferson Lab",
held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 26 - 31 May 2003, Part 1

Sigfrido Boffi, Carlotta Giusti, Franco Davide Pacati and Michael Schwamb: NN correlations and final-state interactions in (e,e˘NN) reactions
F. Iachello: Structure of the nucleon from electromagnetic form factors
S. R. Cotanch: Coulomb gauge Hamiltonian: advances and applications
J. Haidenbauer, V. Baru, A. M. Gasparyan, C. Hanhart and J. Speth: Eta meson production in NN collisions
M. D. Scadron, F. Kleefeld, G. Rupp and E. van Beveren: Meson form factors in the quark-based linear s model
Oscar A. Rondon: JLab experiment 01-006: resonances' spin structure
R. Alkofer and Ch. S. Fischer: The Kugo-Ojima confinement criterion and the infrared behaviour of Landau gauge QCD
C. F. Berger and W. Schweiger: Hard exclusive barion-antibarion production in 2-g collisions (Letter)
J. J. Kelly: Recoil polarization for neutral pion electroproduction near the delta resonance
S. J. Brodsky: New perspectives for QCD: near-conformal QCD and the novel effects of final-state interactions
W.J. Briscoe, R.A. Arndt, I.I. Strakovsky and R.L. Workman: Production of pseudoscalar mesons
D. Počanić: A new evaluation of the pion weak form factors
S. Širca (A1 Collaboration at MAMI): Nucleon structure from pion electro-production experiments at MAMI
A. Krassnigg and C. D. Roberts: Dyson-Schwinger equations, the pion and related matters
P. Kroll: The handbag mechanism in wide-angle exclusive reactions
Th. Falter and U. Mosel: Electroproduction of hadrons on nuclei at GeV energies
S. Strauch: Helicity-dependent angular distributions in double-charged-pion photoproduction
C. Barbieri, L. Lapikás and D. Rohe: Rescattering contributions to final state interactions in (e,e˘p) reactions
P. Faccioli, A. Schwenk and E. V. Shuryak: Instanton contribution to the pion and proton electromagnetic form factors at Q2 ł1GeV2
E. Piasetzky, R. Gilman and M. Sargasian: Next generation of photodisintegration measurements at Jefferson Lab
H. Fonvieille: Virtual Compton scattering at low energy and the generalized polarizabilities of the nucleon
M. Rosina and B. Golli: The Roper resonance revisited
D. Ashery: Measurement of light-cone wave functions by diffractive dissociation
K. Hafidi: Q2 dependence of nuclear transparency for incoherent r0 electroproduction
E. Frlež (PIBETA Collaboration): Absolute branching ratio normalization for rare p+ and m+ decays in the PIBETA experiment
J. Raufeisen: Coherence length and nuclear shadowing for transverse and longitudinal photons
A. Tang: Chiral perturbation on the lightfront
S. Capstick and W. Roberts: Mixing angles in S11 and D13 baryons
L. Tang: High-precision spectroscopy of L-hypernuclei beyond P-shell using electromagnetic probe at JLab
S. Dubnička and A.-Z. Dubničková: JLab proton polarization data in respect to global unitary and analitic model of nucleon electromagnetic structure
A.-Z. Dubničková, S. Dubnička, G. Pancheri and R. Pekárik: Strange-quark vector current pseudoscalar-meson transition form factors
J. Vijande, F. Fernández and A. Valcarce: On the structure of the scalar and D mesons
W. Lorenzon: Flavor separated quark polarizations at HERMES
W. K. Brooks: Space-time properties of hadronization from nuclear deep inelastic scattering
V. G. Neudatchin, I. T. Obukhovsky and N. P. Yudin: Quasi-elastic knockout of mesons from the nucleon. Developments and perspectives (Letter)

No 2.

Selected papers presented at the 2nd International Conference
"Nuclear and Particle Physics with CEBAF at Jefferson Lab",
held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 26 - 31 May 2003, Part 2

M. A. Braun, V. V. Vechernin and B. Vlahović: Leptoproduction of cumulative nucleons
B. Juliá-Díaz, A. Valcarce and F. Fernández: The p(d,d˘) reaction and the sNN* (1440) coupling constant
R. Manka and I. Bednarek: The compact star in the SU(3) sigma model
D. S. Dale et al.: Measuring the transition form factors of pseudoscalar mesons at low Q2
R. Kh. Gainutdinov and A. A. Mutygullina: Nuclear forces from chiral dynamics
M. Martinis and V. Mikuta-Martinis: Disoriented chiral condensate and charge-neutral particle fluctuations in heavy-ion collisions
S. Scopetta and V. Vento: Generalized parton distributions and the structure of the constituent quark
M. E. Sadler (Crystal Ball Collaboration): Pion-nucleon charge exchange measurements in the region of the D(1232) resonance
V. Muccifora: Hadronization process in deep inelastic scattering at HERMES
A.P. Bakulev, S.V. Mikhailov and N.G. Stefanis: Accessing the pion distribution amplitude through the CLEO and E791 data
N. Soić, S. Blagus, M. Bogovac, W. Catford, S. Cherubini, N. Clarke, E. Costanzo, L. Donadille, S. Fazinić, M. Freer, B. Fulton, B. Greenhalgh, K. Jones, M. Lattuada, P. Leask, D. Mahboub, M. Milin, Đ. Miljanić, D. Rendić, S. Romano, C. Spitaleri, T. Tadić, D. Watson, D. Weisser and M. Zadro: Experimental evidence for molecular structures in light nuclei
Franz Gross: Recent progress in the relativistic description of few-body systems
J.J. LeRose: JLab's Hall A after the 12 GeV Upgrade
D. Kekez and D. Klabučar: A Bethe-Salpeter-equation study with the áA2ń - enhanced effective QCD coupling
V. Suslov, I. Filikhin and B. Vlahović: Cluster calculation for 9LBe hypernucleus in Faddeev approach
M. Khandaker: Radiative widths of light pseudoscalar mesons at 11 GeV via the Primakoff effect
D. B. Blaschke and K. A. Bugaev: Hadronic correlations above the chiral/deconfinement transition
D. Mekterović and I. Supek: Preliminary differential cross sections of the charge-exchange reaction
D. Bosnar and M. Makek: Modifications of Delta in nuclear medium
K. Passek-Kumerički: Hard exclusive reactions and the two-gluon components of h and mesons
G. Duplančić and B. Nižić: General reduction formalism for NLO calculations in PQCD
F. R. Wesselmann: Measurement of the neutron's electric form factor GEn via doubly polarized, quasi-elastic scattering at Jefferson Lab
J.E.F.T. Ribeiro: The role of chiral symmetry in hadronic processes
J.M. Finn: Measurements of the electric form factor of the neutron at JLab via recoil polarimetry in the reaction: d(e,e˘n)p
C. Gordon, J. Melone, P. Cole, J. Kellie, F. Klein, K. Livingston, J. Mueller, J. C. Sanabria and D. Tedeschi: Vector meson and associated strangeness production using a linearly polarised photon beam at Jefferson Lab
M. Burkardt: Chromodynamic lensing and ^ single spin asymmetries
M. Clemencic: Recent results of NA48 on neutral kaon rare decays
M. Alvioli et al.: Realistic calculations of correlations and final-state interaction effects in the A(e,e˘p)X process off complex nuclei
B.M.K. Nefkens, S. Prahov, J. W. Price and A. Starostin: Highlights from the Crystal Ball Program at the AGS
T. Hotta: Experimental program at SPring-8
V. M. Suslov and B. Vlahović: New method for solving the Nd breakup scattering problem in configuration space
A. I. Machavariani: Relativistic field-theoretical formulation of the three-dimensional equations for the three fermion system
M. Furić and E. V. Hungerford: High resolution spectroscopy of the 12LB hypernucleus produced by the (e,e˘K+) reaction
A. Borissov: Hard exclusive electroproduction of resonant and non-resonant pion pairs at HERMES
I. Šlaus: Particle and nuclear physics for a knowledge-based society

No 3.


D. Ghosh, A. Deb, K. Chattopadhyay (Dutta), R. Sarkar, I. Dutta, P. Mandal, S. Biswas and B. Biswas: Intermittency analysis of multipion production process in relativistic nuclear collisions - evidence of non-thermal phase transition
Bhaskar De and S. Bhattacharyya: On rapidity-dependence of D and`D yields in heavy-ion collisions


E. O. Iltan: t® b W h0 and t® b W A0 decays and possible CP violating effects

No 4.


J. Sadeghi, M. R. Pahlavni and A. Daryaie: Non-compact group SU(1,1) of a free particle in the symmetric double-well potential field


S. B. Faruque: Correspondence between test- and effective-particle equations of motion in relativistic gravitational two-body problem
G. S. Khadekar, V. Patki and R. Radha: Cosmological solutions in variable rest mass theory of gravitation
F. Rahaman and P. Ghosh: General relativistic domain wall in Lyra geometry

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