FIZIKA A, Vol.16

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FIZIKA A Volume 16 - 2007.Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA A, Volume 16 (2007)

No 1.

S. A. Safwan, M. H. Hekmat and N. A. El-Meshad: Exciton state in a quantum dot
K. K. Mondal: General theory of higher-order corrections to solitary waves in a multicomponent plasma
S. Chattopadhyay: Effects of ionic temperatures on phase velocities of ion-acoustic solitary waves in a drift negative-ion plasma with single temperature electron
L. I. Soliman, T. A. Hendia and H. A. Zayed: Effect of annealing on the switching properties of CuInSeTe thin films

No 2.

Y. Kadiri, R. Albaki and J. L. Bretonnet: Thermodynamic equivalence between the Lennard-Jones and hard-core attractive Yukawa systems
S. Chattopadhyay: Effects of drift negative ion plasmas on ion-acoustic solitary waves in drift cold positive ion plasmas with isothermal electrons
M. Eddahby, M. Samir, A. Dezairi, D. Saifaoui, M. El Mouden and O. El Haitami: The physical problem and the modelling of the sheath in collisional dusty plasma
S. N. Paul, Ch. Das, B. Paul, S. K. Bhattacharya and B. Chakraborty: Study of Landau damping of ion-acoustic waves in dope plasma
F. I. Ezema and R. U. Osuji: Preparation and optical properties of chemical bath deposited MnCdS2 thin films

No 3.

E. Bešić and J. N. Herak: EPR spectroscopy of 5-YL radicals in gamma-irradiated single crystals of 2-thiothymine
Yuan-Xi Xie: A direct approach for solving the Burgers equation
R. A. El-Nabulsi : Geometry of manifolds on Lie endomorphism space and their duals under fractional action-like variational approach
Carlos Hunte: Coupled oscillators: An informative problem solving approach

No 4.

R. C. Shah and M. V. Bhat: Ferrofluid-lubricated secant-shaped squeeze-film bearing with anisotropic permeability, slip velocity material parameter and rotational inertia
A. Ilakovac and K. Ilakovac: Single-point observation of rapidly moving objects
Aditya M. Vora: Computation of phonon dispersion in non-crystalline Mg-based alloys
Tomislav Ivezić: Jackson's paradox and its resolution by the four-dimensional geometric quantities
A. M. Mesón, S. E. Fasano and M. N. Salerno: Power-law generalizations for studying dynamical systems
S. Pleslić and Ž. Andreić: Application of Rogowski coil in fast pulsed-current measurements of capillary discharge

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