FIZIKA A, Vol.17

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FIZIKA A Volume 17 - 2008.Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA A, Volume 17 (2008)

No 1.

T. IveziŠ: Lorentz and "apparent" transformations of the electric and magnetic fields
A. M. Abou El Soud, B. S. Farag, I. S. Ahmed Farag, S. A. Gad and H. A. Zayed: Crystal structure and optical properties of quaternary systems of Bi-Sb-Te-Se
Chengshi Liu: Action principle for a kind of mechanical system with friction force
L. Settaouti and A. Settaouti: Monte Carlo simulation of radio frequency plasmas in O2
C. Hunte: The Jones-Mueller Transformation

No 2.

S. Harir, M. Bennai and Y. Boughaleb: Ground state energy of 2D extended Hubbard model for finite size system with an exact diagonalization
Kh. H. El-Shorbagy: Impurity of dust-acoustic plasma instability due to trapped ions
R. A. El-Nabulsi: Subdiffusion over fractional quantum paths without fractional derivative
R. Ghazy: Suitable solvent of a new copolymer as a pre-investigation of its static laser scattering

No 3.

A. M. Vora: Lattice dynamics of equiatomic binary alloys
A. Biswas and E. Zerrad: Soliton perturbation theory for the Kawahara equation
Z. Shaqiri, D. Angelov, E. Vidolova-Angelova: Measurement of the intersystem crossing yield of s4U within tRNA by time-resolved absorption bleaching
S. K. Srivastava and A. Badahur: Surface plasmon satellites in core-level X-ray photoemission spectra of late transition-metal compounds

No 4.

Z. Zhang: New exact solutions to the generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equation
C. Hunte: A theoretical investigation of light scattering in chiral nematic liquid crystals
Mohanned J. Al-anber, Zainab S. Abdalla and Afrodet A. Salih: Theoretical ab initio study of the electric field effects on the structure and stability of G:C base pair
S. N. Tiwary, R. Kumar and R. P. K. Ray: Electron impact excitation of autoionizing level in Na
R. ArtukoviŠ: Motion of two discs joined by strings in S-type connection

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