FIZIKA A, Vol.11

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FIZIKA A Volume 11 - 2002.Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA A, Volume 11 (2002)

No 1.


    S. S. De, S. K. Dubey and M. De: Coupling of micropulsation wave modes by the Coriolis force and centrifugal force in the Earth's equatorial plane
    A. Rubčić, H. Arp and J. Rubčić: Electrostatic interaction energy and factor 1.23


    I. K. Battisha, H. H. Afify, G. Abd El Fattah and Y. Badr: Raman and photoluminescence studies of pure and Sn-enriched thin films of CdS prepared by spray pyrolysis
    I. P. Studenyak: Isoabsorption and electrical studies of Cu6PS5X (X=Br, I) crystals at the ferroelastic phase transition
    Yu. M. Azhniuk, A. V. Gomonnai, D. B. Goyer, I. G. Megela and V. V. Lopushansky: Effect of high-energy electron irradiation on optical spectra of lead silicate glass

No 2.


    I. K. Battisha: Physical properties of nanoparticle silica gel doped with CdS prepared by sol-gel technique
    A. K. Das and A. K. Pal: Jahn-Teller effects in 10% zinc doped copper fluosilicate hexahydrate (CZFH): An X-band EPR study


    M. Ali Hassouba, F. Fahmy Elakshar and A. AbuWali Garamoon: Measurements of the breakdown potentials for different cathode materials in the Townsend discharge

No 3.


    L. I. Soliman: Influence of g-irradiation on optical and electrical properties of amorphous CuInSeTe, CuInSTe and CuInSeS thin films
    R. H. Nada: Characteristics of splat-cooled Sn-Bi5-Pbx alloys
    S. Kar, A. K. Maiti, S. Bandyopadhyay, K. K. Ray and K. Goswami: Electrolysis through homogeneous and heterogeneous contacts in insulating solids


    B. Chakraborty, S. K. Bhattacharya and S. N. Paul: Effects of bound electrons on the transverse waves in a Vlasov plasma

No 4.


    Z. Shaqiri, A. Veseli, N. Shaqiri, E. Vidolova-Angelova and D. Angelov: Laser direct biphotonic photolysis of guanines within DNA
    L. I. Soliman et al.: Structural and electrical properties of CuSbTe2, CuSbSe2 and CuSbS2 chalcogenide thin films
    K. K. Dey, D. Banerjee and R. Bhattacharya: Magnetic properties of single crystals of bismuth doped with gallium and indium


    A. P. Misra and A. Roy Chowdhury: Modulated ion-acoustic wave near criticalness - a new nonlinear Schrödinger equation in a collisional plasma

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