FIZIKA A, Vol. 5

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FIZIKA A Volume 5 - 1996 Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA A, Volume 5 (1996)

No 1

Višnja Henč-Bartolić and Goran Pichler:
Satellite bands in the quasi-static wings of Tl and In resonance lines broadened by Hg
Rakhi Chattopadhyay and Tapan Kumar Das:
On the truncation scheme for the hyperspherical harmonics expansion basis for two-electron atoms
Lalan K. Jha, Bishwa N. Roy and Pradip K. Biswas:
Excitation of the hydrogen atom from the metastable 2s-STATE by electron impact
Kamakhya P. Ghatak and Sambhu N. Banik:
A simple theoretical analysis of the magneto-gate capacitance in mos structure of p-CHANNEL inversion layers on tellurium
Mohamed Gaafar:
Diamagnetic anisotropy and molecular structure of isomorphous trihalogenbenzenic crystals

No 2

Kevin S. Robinson and Hans Schmiedel:
Xps analysis of biomaterials using a new method of integrated charge compensation
Lajos Dávid, Balázs Kovács Béla Pécz, Imre Mojzes László Dobos and Gyula Vincze:
AlNiGe as a new dedicated material for contacts to n-GaAs
Miran Mozetič, Melita Murko-Jezovšek and Tomo Bogataj:
Influence of decomposition of carbon containing gases on contact resistance of reed switches
Karol Požun, Boštjan Paradiz and Jan Leskovšek:
Influence of deposition angle of upper electrode on response time of relative-humidity sensors
Karol Požun, Jan Leskovšek, Lidija Koller and Miran Mozetič:
Influence of impurities on contact resistance of electrical contacts
Alenka Š. Kosmos, Lidija I. Belič and Dimitrij Sušnik:
Additives in coarse grain alumina ceramics for metallization
Monika Jenko, Franc Vodopivec, Helmut Viefhaus, Milorad Milun, Tonica Valla, Matjaž Godec and Darja Steiner Petrovič:
Orientation-dependent antimony segregation on FeSi alloy surfaces
Igor Grašič, Alojz Paulin, Andrej Pregelj and Bojan Jenko:
Electron source using a high-frequency cavity resonator
Lidija I. Belič, Miran Mozetič and Karol Požun:
Interaction of polyether sulphone with oxygen plasma

No 3

Kamakhya P. Ghatak, Sandip Bera, Ashfaque Ali and Bhaskar Nag:
On thermoelectric power in n-CHANNEL inversion layers on tetragonal materials in the presence of a parallel magnetic field
Nicolae Tomozeiu and Ion Munteanu:
Electrical conduction and photoconduction in a-Se0.6Te0.4
Marko Kolanović and Damir Pajić:
The influence of domain structure on the variation of coercive field and maximum magnetization of Fe77.5B22.5 amorphous alloy
Marin S. Tomas:
Nonlinear light generation in multilayers: cavity effects
Siham Mahmoud:
Studies on chemically deposited films of bismuth-sulfide (Bi2S3)

No 4

Davorka Azinović, Slobodan Milošević and Goran Pichler:
Production of 7LiCd FROM Cd+7Li2 (F 1Sg+) reaction
Alaa M. Ibrahim and Laila I. Soliman:
Optical properties of AgBiS2 thin films
Stjepan Sabolek, Željko Marohnić and Giselher Herzer:
Influence of the successive annealing on the magnetization processes in Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si15.5B7 ribbon
Laila I. Soliman and Hamdia A. Zayed:
Electrical and switching properties of ZnIn2Se4 amorphous thin films
Siham Mahmoud, Fouad Sharaf:
Optical and electrical properties of bismuth-sulfide (Bi2S3) thin films prepared by thermal evaporation
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