FIZIKA A, Vol.19

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FIZIKA A Volume 19 - 2010.Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA A, Volume 19 (2010)

No 1.

Sh. M. Khalil and H. Al-Yousef: Kinetic Buneman instability in dusty plasma of different temperature regimes
R. A. El-Nabulsi: Application of the fractional problem of the calculus of variations and the fractional path integral approach to stochastic modeling
S. Chattopadhyay: Effect of ionic temperatures on ion-acoustic solitary waves in a drift negative-ion plasma with single temperature electron
P. M. Patel, C. V. Pandya and K. L. Baluja: Total (elastic + inelastic) cross sections for electron scattering from N2O, CF4, NO and F2 molecules

No 2.

R. A. El-Nabulsi: Higher-order fractional field equations in (0+1) dimensions and physics beyond the standard model
A. E. Rakhshani, J. Kokay and A. Y. Bumajdad: Schottky diodes fabricated on electrochemically-grown ZnO nanorods and microrods
Nasser N. Morgan, Asem Metawa and Abdou A. Garamoon: Direct and indirect plasma yeast sterilization
D. Jana: Magnetic-field induced hopping conduction of a pseudo-gap interacting system

No 3.

A. Ilakovac and L. Popov: Two-step Lorentz transformation of force
A. Sfarti: Coordinate time hyperbolic motion for Bell's spaceship experiment
R. A. El-Nabulsi: Generalized fractal space from Erdélyi-Kober fractional integral
A. Rubčić and J. Rubčić: Planetary orbits in solar and extrasolar systems
P. R. Mishra: Divergence of persistent length of a semiflexible homopolymer chain in the stiff chain limit
M. S. Jwad, H. A. Jassem and T. A. Selman: Emission of short-wave radiation during ion impact on solid surfaces

No 4.

P. Chatterjee and S. Nath Dey: A new method for determination of stacking fault energy of pure metals by X-ray diffraction
F. A. R. Navarro, M. S. Reis, E. K. Lenzi and I. S. Olivera: New consideration on composed nonextensive magnetic systems
D. Banerjee, K. Chatterjee, A. Pal, N. R. Bandyopadhyay, S. K. Batabyal, Ch. Basub, G. S. Sanyal and A. R. Das: Morphology-controlled power factor of nanostructured bismuth telluride
Xue-Fei Fan: Classification of all single traveling-wave solutions to Getmanou equation
A. Sfarti: Euler-Lagrange solution for calculating particle orbits in gravitational fields
B. K. Dutta and P. K. Mahapatra: Coherent control of spontaneous emission spectrum in a doubly driven Y-type atom
B. Ghebouli, M. A. Ghebouli and M. Fatmi: Structural, elastic, electronic and lattice dynamic properties of GaPxAsySb1−x−y alloys lattice matched to different substrates
Yuan-Xi Xie: A combination method for constructing the explicit exact solutions of the generalized BBB-Burgers equation
A. Ilakovac and K. Ilakovac: Motion of distant objects in the Universe
Xing-hua Du: A new trial equation method to find the exact traveling wave solutions to nonlinear differential equations
A. M. Vora: Superconducting state parameters of (Ni33Zr67)1−xMx (M = Ti, V, Co, Cu) ternary amorphous superconductors

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