FIZIKA A, Vol. 3

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FIZIKA A  Volume 3 - 1994 Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA A, Volume 3 (1994)

No 1

Florin F. Popescu:
Proposal for amplification without inversion considering the simple scheme of double resonance
Kamakhya P. Ghatak and Sambhu N. Biswas:
Influence of quantum confinement on the heat capacity of graphite
Mohamed A. Ahmed, Mohamed A. El-Hiti and Mohamed E. El-Shabasy:
Electrical and thermoelectrical properties of pure and substituted copper ferrites
Drago Kunstelj:
Grain size distribution of the YBa2Cu3O7-x high temperature superconducting compound
Željko Marohnić:
Measurements of I-V curves of superconductors with subnanovolt resolution
Gianluca Lazzari:
Supershells in large Na-clusters from a semiclassical approach

No 2

Milan Randić, Douglas J. Klein, Hongyao Zhu, Nenad Trinajstić and Tomislav Živković:
Aromatic properties of fully-benzenoid hydrocarbons
Sambhunath Banik, Kamakhya P. Ghatak and Sambhunath Biswas:
A simple analysis of the burstein-moss shift in ultrathin films of bismuth in the presence of crossed electric and quantizing magnetic fields
Zygmunt Bak and Wojciech Gruhn:
Anharmonic effects and polaron formation in the copper oxides
Sudeshna Chakraborty, Sailendra N. Paul and Asesh R. Chowdhury:
On the formation of solitons in an isothermal relativistic plasma with positive and negative ions
Vladimir Šips and Damir Šokcević:
Oscillations in a three-component mixed quantum-classical plasma

No 3

Hrvoje Skenderović, Vladis Vujnović, Nazif Demoli and Jadranka Rukavina:
Temperature distribution measurement in an axially symmetric source which is not optically thin
Vladimir Horvat and Ksenofont Ilakovac:
Hypersatellite and satellite transitions in silver atoms
Kamakhya P. Ghatak and Sambhu N. Banik:
The Einstein relation in superlattices of non-parabolic semiconductors with graded interfaces under magnetic quantization
Ivica Ružić:
Theoretical isotherms for monolayer adsorption on heterogeneous surfaces
Mohamed Gaafar And Mohamed El-Shabasy:
Magnetic anisotropy of azobenzene crystals with different stereostructures
Srećko Kilić, Tullio Persi and Karmen Rivier:
Correlation energy of a high-density electron gas
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