FIZIKA A, Vol. 7

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FIZIKA A Volume 7 - 1998. Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA A, Volume 7 (1998)

No 1

Z. Roller-Lutz and Y. Wang:
The "complete" p-p experiment
M. Gaafar:
Magnetic and optical properties of ammonium acid phthalate
E. Keskinova, D. Angelov, Sv. Angelova, Z. Shaqiri and A. Veseli:
Effects of high-intensity UV radiation on isolated and DNA-intercalated ethidium bromide
R. Ristić and Ž. Marohnić:
Magnetoresistivity of ternary glassy Zr2(Ni1-xMx)1 alloys
S. Gogić and S. Milošević:
Spectroscopic properties of the Li, Zn metals and Li-Zn alloy plasmas generated by XeCl-laser ablation

No 2

V. Margetić and D. Veža:
Experimental study of Ar-O2 low-pressure discharge
S. Sabolek:
The influence of dynamic surface fields on the coercive field and energy loss of amorphous Co70.3Fe4.7Si15B10 ribbon
Ž. Crljen:
Formation of bipolarons: A small-cluster study
W. Harara:
The effect of g-ray irradiation on magnetic properties of electromagnetic Fe-Si (97%-3%) sheets
Ž. Andreić:
Time-integrated photographic study of laser ablation at large impact angles

No 3

I. K. El Zawawi, A. A. ElMoez, F. S. Terra and M. Mounir:
Influence of heat treatment on the physical properties of antimony trisulfide thin films
R. Ramović and R. Andrin:
Modified two-dimensional analytical model for current-voltage and breakdown voltage characteristics of GaAs MESFET planar structure
M. Lučić-Lavčević, A. Turković, D. Šokčević, P. Dubček, O. Milat, B. Etlinger, P. Laggner and H. Amenitsch:
Grazing-incidence small-angle scattering of synchrotron radiation on nanosized TiO2 thin films obtained by chemical vapour deposition and spray method
S. Lugomer:
Observation of laser-induced microscale vortex ring interactions on vaporizing metal surface
L. Marušić and M. Šunjić:
Nonlocal dynamical potentials near curved surfaces

No 4

S. Sahoo, K. Roy, N. Chandl Sil and S. Chandra Mukherjee:
Ionisation of Hydrogenic Ions by Antiproton Impact
T.Cheche, L. Georgescu, E. Barna and I. Dina:
A resonance treatment and its application to electron transfer reactions in a photosynthetic reaction center
C. I. Stanescu:
A Monte-Carlo computer simulation method of continuous network models of amorphus germanium thin films
S. Kilić:
The effects of retarded forces in helium diatomic molecules
Md. Khurshed Alan and A. Roy Chowdhury:
Nonlinear waves in a magnetized plasma - a different approach
V. Henč-Bartolić, Ž. Andreić M. Stubičar and H.-J. Kunze:
Nitrogen laser beam interaction with copper surface
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