FIZIKA A, Vol. 2

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  FIZIKA A  Volume 2 - 1993  Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA A, Volume 2 (1993)

No 1

G. Pichler, D. Azinović and R. Beuc:
Satellite bands of the InHg excimer
T.A. Hendia, H.A. Zayed, A.A. Abo el Soud, M.A. Kenawy and L.I. Soliman:
Properties of amorphous and crystalline p-CuInSe2 thin films
A. Turković, D. Šokčević, T. Valla, M. Milun and J. Rukavina:
Thermal stability of CV deposited TiO2 thin films.XPS and AES characterization
Z.S. el Mandouh:
Effect of aging on some physical properties of selenium thin film
A. Dulčić and M. Požek:
Effective microwave conductivity and magnetoresistance in the mixed state of type-II superconductors
R. Brako and Ž. Crljen:
Is there another scale in the fractional quantum Hall effect?

No 2

K.P. Ghatak:
A simple analysis of the thermoelectric power in quantum wires of non-parabolic semiconductors in the presence of crossed electric and magnetic fields
M. Vatskicheva, Ly. Vatskichev, I. Dimitrov and B. Kunev:
Some magnetic and magnetoresistive properties of RF-sputtered thin NiFe-Si films
M. Nawaz, B. T. Olsen and K. McIlvaney:
High speed response of GaAs/AlGaAs multiple quantum well asymmetric Fabry Perot reflection modulator
I. Kušević, E. Babić, Ž. Marohnić, Đ. Drobac, M. Prester, H.K. Liu and S.X. Dou:
Superconducting properties of an Ag-clad (BiPb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+y tape
S. Sabolek:
The model for the magnetization of current carrying amorphous ferromagnets
T.K. Munshi, K.K. Kundu and R.K. Mahalanabis:
Mechanical response of piezoquartz bar with heat influx at one end.

No 3

V. Džimbeg-Malčić, R. Beuc and G. Pichler:
KCd spectral features in K+Na+Cd+Ar high pressure lamp
K. P. Ghatak:
On the band-tail spreading energy in heavily doped laser diodes under different physical conditions
Manjusri Sengupta and Ajay Kumar Maiti and Kushalendu Goswami:
Space-charge-limited current and colour center formation under a spherical contact on KI single crystal
H. H. Hassan, Nagwa El-Meshad and Hekmat Hassanain:
Linear and nonlinear optical properties of modulation quantum well
Mohamed A. El Hiti and Mohamed El Shabasy:
Spectral studies of the spinel ferrite system NixZn1-xFe2O4
Ramir Ristić and Emil Babić:
Electronic and magnetic properties of ternary Zr2(Ni1-xMx)1 glassy alloys
Josip Črnugelj, Mladen Martinis and Vesna Mikuta-Martinis:
Squeezing properties of the q-deformed Jaynes-Cummings model
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