FIZIKA A, Vol.18

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FIZIKA A Volume 18 - 2009.Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA A, Volume 18 (2009)

No 1.

Yuan-Xi Xie: Finding the bell-type soliton solutions to nonlinear evolution equations by a unified method
S. Ghosh, A. Dhara, C. R. Mandal and M. Purkait: Two electron capture cross sections into ground state in collision of bare projectile ions with helium atom
S. Bandyopadhyay, T. Ghosh, K. K. Ray, S. Kar, A. K. Lahiri, A. K. Maiti and K. Goswami: Kinetic behaviour of F-centres under thermal stress
Liu Cheng-Shi: The exact solutions to Lienárd equation with high-order nonlinear term and applications

No 2.

A. Sfarti: Hyperbolic motion treatment for Bell's spaceship experiment
R. Djelti, S. Bentata, Z. Aziz et A. Besbes: Désordre structural et son effet sur les longueurs d'ondes laser du superréseau GaAs-AlxGa1-xAs
F. Hadj Larbi, A. Kherredine, B. Allili et D. Bradai: Généralisation des expressions analytiques liées a la fonction pseudo --Voigt utilisée en analyse des profils de raies de diffraction
A. Lahyani, Y. Boughaleb, M. Qjani, R. Nassif, S. Quaskit and R. El Guerjouma: Creep rupture in fiber bundle model
C. Khélia, K. Boubaker and M. Amlouk: Boubaker polynomials expansion scheme (BPES)-related optical properties of b-SnS2 sprayed layers

No 3.

Sankar Chattopadhyay, S. N. Paul and Dipankar Ray: Influence of negative ions on ion-acoustic solitary waves in a two-electron-temperature plasma
B. Ardjani and B. Liani: The validity of using the transport parameters of the Townsend discharge in the simulation of the RF and DBD discharges by the fluid model
S. S. Pradhan and A. Sarkar: Electro-activity in gum mangosteen and its complexes
C. V. Pandya, P. M. Patel and K. L. Baluja: Differential scattering cross sections for electron scattering by ytterbium atom
Sh. Bhushan and S. Pillai: Photoluminescence in chemically deposited (Cd-Zn)S: CdCl2, Ho/Tb films prepared at room temperature

No 4.

Xinghua Du: Some notes on projective Riccati equation method
M. S. Omar and S. O. Yousif: Magneto-optical properties of the alloy system In1-xGaxP
S. A. Gad, M. Boshta, A. M. Abo El-Soud and M. Z. Mostafa: Some characteristic physical properties of nickel oxide powder
A. Rubčić and J. Rubčić: Where the Moon was born?

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