FIZIKA A, Vol.14

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FIZIKA A Volume 14 - 2005 .Masthead

Contents, FIZIKA A, Volume 14 (2005)

No 1.

Dedicated to the memory of Professor Vladimir Šips - Part 1


P. Lazić, D. Šokčević and R. Brako: The structure of ultrathin Ag films on Pd(111)
D. Krilov, A. Lekić, E. Bešić, V. Gomzi and J. N. Herak: EPR spectroscopy of superhyperfine interaction in the copper paramagnetic center in the crystal of cytosine monohydrate
S. Popović, Z. Skoko, A. Gajović, K. Furić and S. Musić: X-ray diffraction study of thermal properties of titanium dioxide
M. S. Tomaš: Medium-assisted vacuum force
I. Kupčić and S. Barišić: Optical properties within the Q1D multiband models - the transverse equation of motion approach
I. Kušević and E. Babić: Vortex pinning and critical currents in nanostructured novel superconductors
P. Županović, D. Juretić and S. Botrić: On the equivalence between Onsager's principle of the least dissipation of energy and maximum entropy production principle. Conduction of heat in an anisotropic crystal
R. Ristić and E. Babić: Properties and atomic structure of amorphous zirconium


S. Pleslić and Ž. Andreić: Laser-produced plasmas on Mg, Al and Si surfaces

No 2.

Dedicated to the memory of Professor Vladimir Šips - Part 2


D. K. Sunko: New derivation of the cluster cumulant formula


Ž. Mioković, D. Balković and D. Veža: Shift and broadening of sodium nS-3P and mD-3P transitions in high pressure NaCd and NaHg discharges


O. S. Barišić and S. Barišić: Polarons by translationally invariant diagrammatic perturbation theory
E. Tutiš and I. Batistić: Current filamentation and degradation in electronic devices based on amorphous organic layers
J. Petravić: Shear stress correlation length at constant pressure
A.-S. Smith: The total solute-water correlation function for Lennard-Jones particles
V. Radolić, B. Vuković, D. Stanić and J. Planinić: Radon chaotic regime in the atmosphere and soil
V. Despoja, L. Marušić and M. Šunjić: Surface spectral functions and excitation frequencies in thin metallic films
V. Mohaček-Grošev and K. Furić: Asymmetric profile of the totally symmetric stretching band in Raman spectra of bis(trimethylsilyl)acetylene

No 3.


M. A. Saudy, A. I. Eatah and M. M. Masoud: Characteristics of DC pseudo-electric (virtual cathode) discharge in helium gas
A. Settaouti and L. Settaouti: Swarm studies on elementary processes in nitrogen


Yuan-Xi Xie and Jia-Shi Tang: Solutions of a class of nonlinear wave equations


F. El Haj Hassan, M. Zoaeter and A. Hijazi: Structural and electronic properties of bcc selenium under high pressure

No 4.


S. N. Paul, G. Pakira and B. Paul: Conversion of electromagnetic wave into electron-acoustic wave in an inhomogeneous plasma
M. El Mouden, D. Saifaoui, A. Dezairi and H. Imzi: Use of magnetic shear for the improvement of quality of confinement in the plasma of tokamak


El-Nabulsi Ahmad-Rami: A fractional approach to nonconservative Lagrangian dynamical systems

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